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Dreambath Sanitaryware Factory is one of leading manufacturers with the vacuum casting machine to mainly produce all kinds of acrylic freestanding bathtub like solid surface bathtub (corian bathtub) and resin bathtub (stone resin bathtub), someone also called them like"man-made stone bathtub","artificial stone bathtub","cast stone bathtub", "pure acrylic solid surface bathtub", "stone composite bathtub","quartz composite bathtub", "bathtub freestanding" etc..


Here we introduce two kinds of raw materials as follows:

1. Components of Solid Surface Bathtub:
    Aluminum Hydroxide Powder, Acrylic Resin, Quartz and Pigment;
2. Components of Resin Bathtub: 
    Calcium Carbonate Power, Unsaturated Polyester Resin,Quartz, Hardener  and Gelcoat. 



Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameDreambath Sanitaryware Factory
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2007
  • LocationChina
  • Main Markets
  • Homepage
  • PresidentTony Liang
  • Phone+86-757-8252-278
  • FAX
  • AddressShakeng Industrial Zone, Luocun, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China.
  • Product Category Construction & Real Estate > Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures & Fittings > Bathtubs

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